Rethink the way you use email

CatchMailNot is the best permanent email forwarding service that gives you unlimited email addresses.


Privacy Features

With CatchMailNot, hide your real email address even when you reply.


Comprehensive Statistics

Find out who sold your address with CatchMailNot's carefully chosen stats and graphs.


Block and Filter

Control your email workflow with CatchMailNot's rule feature; forward to colleagues, Slack or Discord.

Here's what's in it for you

Things you will get right out of the box with CatchMailNot.

Anonymous email

CatchMailNot sits in front of your email provider, hiding your real email when you receive or reply to emails.

Infinite aliases

Access a truly infinite number of email aliases - just make them up and the alias is automatically created when it receives the first email.

Rules and filters

Take control of your email with precise forwarding rules, even supporting wildcards and exclusion operators.

I found out that my email was sold by my leasing company to a insurance company. Thanks to using a CatchMailNot alias!

- Anonymous user

5/5 Stars - found it on Producthunt and have been using it since.

- Anonymous user

[...] I can confidently say that CatchMailNot is the email forwarder you need as it has almost all the features. You will have full control over incoming emails and you can easily collect them on a webhook too.

- Mohammad Suleman,

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CatchMailNot enables people to take control of their digital identity without any prior technical knowledge.

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